Friday, 28 March 2014

E-Cigarettes and The Goverment

The Government in the UK has been talking about the regulation of electronic cigarettes as they have acknowledged they can save lives.  They have done research and have found that hundreds of people that would have died if they had continued smoking, have lived thanks to Ecigs. This is no small number and this is only the amount found in the research done to date.  The facts speak for themselves, vaping is helping people stop smoking or at least helping them to reduce and reducing the risk of all kinds of health problems as a consequence. So far, medical evidence shows that not one single person in the whole world has been killed by using an electronic cigarette whilst every five minutes, in the UK alone, a person dies from using tobacco. The chemicals and tar found in regular cigarettes are dangerous and what kills and these are absent from ecigs.  Although nicotine is found in electronic cigarettes, this is not thought to be harmful but research is being carried out to make sure that this is definitely true. 

The UK government has also thought about regulating electronic cigarettes because, as it is a relatively new product there are all kinds of companies making them.  For example some coming out of China haven't been tested and this could prove dangerous.  It is always best to get electronic cigarettes from companies that are reputable. Buying from a UK company for example will give you the reassurance that the company will be more accountable. They will not sell dangerous products and will only go with products that have been quality assured. They will also sell you products that last.

Of course the government has actively discouraged children under 18 years old from using the ecigs, children really shouldn't be smoking anything and the ecig is popular with smokers as it offers an alternative to smoking, not a way to start! Indeed it is almost always a smoker who uses an electronic cigarette not a non smoker.   

Regulation would mean that everything from the e-cig starter kits to e-liquids would be controlled and monitored to ensure they are safe. Those reputable companies in the UK would have nothing to worry about as they have always provided good products but the faceless companies from abroad might have to rethink the quality of their goods.

What is obvious however is that anything that reduces the risk of harm from smoking has to be a good thing. So many things have been marketed over the last twenty or so years - nicotine patches, chewing gum and hypnotherapy to name but a few - but nothing has had the success of the ecigs.  This is largely due to the way the ecig replicates a cigarette with vapour and that hit to the back of the throat, it offers a great range of e-liquids, is relatively inexpensive, offers simplicity by way of the e-cig starter kits and very importantly gives you something to do with your hands!  


  1. This subject really annoys me, e cigs are the best thing ever to happen! If anyone wants them to be banned its just to line there pockets! I really suggest people read more, and look at the real benefits of e cigs, rather then looking at the negatives. People who are just starting using e cigarettes, wont turn back.

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