Monday, 17 March 2014

Finding the right E-Cigarette

The best e-cig retailers are the ones that have a range of flavours. Whilst tobacco cigarettes only have normal or tobacco flavour the e-cig retailers have developed hundreds of unique flavours. You even get a choice as to the level of nicotine contained in the cartomisers. E-cigarette manufacturers are getting modern, stylish and innovative with their designs. Most retailers are even creating, designing and manufacturing the e-cigarettes themselves.

Through previous experience and being a first time user myself until recently I found it hard to decide and source the brand and model of e-cigarette I wanted. It’s hard to find out the genuine e-cigarette brand from the genuine ones, but from personal opinion, Cigees was the best company for me. However this is different for us all.

A tip when buying a new e-cigarette is to take your time whilst searching to compare e-cigarettes based on reviews, price and performance. Rushing your purchase may mean you don’t get the product you wanted, and then it won’t help you to quit. Also you should make sure that the manufacturer use quality, long lasting component instead of disposable ones, as this may ruin your experience and cost you more money. Go to a reputable dealer if your looking for a quality smoke, imitative and counterfeit e-cigarettes are no good at all.
There are 2 main ways in which you can find a trusted e-cigarette retailer. Online, you can search for e-cigarettes and find a reputable dealer, look for testimonials from trusted sources or review sites, look for an about us section on the website, see if the products being made are being manufactured properly, don’t just compare other products on price, compare on performance. Another way of looking is to visit your local high street and find a reputable e-cigarette brand in a store, not on a dodgy market. Take my advice and you should be on your way to finding a high quality, affordable e-cigarette.


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